The system components and their interactions


Communications between subsystems is performed using messaging over HTTP.

Communications between BALTRAD nodes is performed using the Distribution and Exchange (DEX) subsystem and MIME messages over HTTP. This system interacts with the BALTRAD Database (BDB) that provides a high-level interface between the BALTRAD node and the Postgre database server and file system containing ODIM_H5 files.

The Beast is also connected to the BDB, and this connection allows the Beast to schedule and run various tasks. The Beast operates using the concept of Adapters (how to do something) and Routes (the criteria that need to be satisfied in order to do the something specified by an adapter).

Data processing is performed through an XML-RPC adapter to the RAVE system, which is the product generation framework a.k.a. toolbox. RAVE relies on receiving messages from the Beast telling it what product to generate, how to generate it, and with which input data. RAVE will then either generate the product itself, or it will call the relevant package, e.g. beamb, to do it. Upon successful completion of the job, the resulting ODIM_H5 file is injected into the node through the DEX.

A web-based user interface allows the user to configure and manage the node through a normal browser.

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